Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bric enterprise awarded “Expert’s choice 2016” by Finances online

Finances Online  is a B2B software review platform that helps users make informed decisions about the software they intend to purchase. It also lists software on its website which meet certain quality specifications and makes it available for users to search and subscribe from there.

Bric enterprise was awarded with “ Expert’s choice 2016” and "Great user experience" from here.Bric is listed under the contact management software and has also fetched a user satisfaction score of 96%  from the users who have availed this through this platform and a Finances online index score of 8.

So what is Bric ?

Bric is a cloud based  contact management app that enables users to digitize, manage and exchange business cards from a mobile device.

Bric enterprise is the business version which simplifies business card management, sales reporting and customer engagement for corporates.

Each sales person is equipped with the APP and all they need to do is capture the business card of a client on the APP and forget about it. The data from the card is extracted through OCR and stored as a contact folder on mobile as well as on the cloud. The admin can review all the cards stored under each sales person from a web interface and also export this data as CSV or sync it to other popular CRM like sales force,zoho etc. (Watch demo)

Bric users can also share their own card from mobile and the recipient can receive the business card on Bric, SMS or email and easily store the contact details from a VCF file.

Finally if you are looking for a business card scanner, a contact management software, a sales CRM and a networking tool from a single interface, Bric is your answer.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How Bric APP topped its search category on Google play ahead of Microsoft & others

How do you make an app rise above million other apps? How to make it appear in the top 10 searches of its product category? And how do you make it go viral?
These are some of the points that an app developer mulls over even before writing the first code. If this is a large company, then they end up spending enormous amount of marketing dollars on Google ,FB Ads and even incentivized campaigns to get the app on top.
What if you don’t have that kind of marketing budget but still want to get on top?
Well, Bric got to the second position and still features within the top 6 places on four search criteria' without any of the above and sharing some insights.
1. Awesome product: MVP is now MAP (most awesome product), a sub optimal product will lead to uninstalls which in turn will affect the app ranking
2. Reviews & ratings: Try and reach out to as many users to rate your app, a happy user will provide a good rating which in turn will help the overall app rating. This is a key factor to rank higher.
3.Reviews of users: Pay attention to what users comment on the review section and respond at the earliest. A lot of our users have revised an adverse rating purely basis our response time and sorting out the issue quickly
4. App metadata: While this is secondary, but it is important to have a better conversion rate from the no of visitors visiting your app. app Icon, description, graphic image and screenshots influence the install of the app and you have to continuously keep testing to hit the right note
5.Bug fixes & updates: Do look out for app crashes, bugs in each release and try to fix them ASAP. These limits usage and influences uninstalls which in turn pushes the app ranking down
These are largely the factors that we stuck to and got Bric on top. However by nature of the product, we were also able to build a lot of stickiness by ensuring the user has compelling reasons to manage business cards from Bric.
We built what the users wanted and noticed immediate spikes in usage whether as a business card scannercontact management app or as a tool to share cards.
The traction on Bric also led us to a lot of installs on Bric Enterprise, which is a cloud-based contact management APP for enterprises to manage business cards sourced by the sales teams.
Hope this article was of use to you and would be keen to know your feedback /comments.
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