Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bric Enterprise - Customised Business Card Management Software

Business card scanners / APPS are an important tool for most organizations to effectively manage customer contacts, leads etc.The requirement may vary from one company to the other however the common practice is either to purchase a business card scanner machine which has its own limitations or purchase Business card scanner APPs through a subscription model.
The disadvantage of a subscription model is that it lacks flexibility or customisations which may be a critical requirement for mid-size/large enterprises.The other disadvantage is the fact that the data resides on the service provider's server which may be a point of concern for some organizations if their internal policies' or the jurisdictions in which they operate do not permit that.
Bric Enterprise is a perfect solution for the above, where the entire business card management software which includes a Mobile APP, Web-APP & a transcription dashboard is customised according to the organization's needs and hosted on the company's server or on a private cloud.The solution works exactly like the Bric Business version with integrations to Salesforce, Office 365, Google etc along with other customisations if any.
Bric Enterprise is a one-time software purchase with AMC arrangements and covers all incremental updates for a defined period.
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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Bric bulk scan - Fastest way to scan 100s' of business cards

             Easy Conversion of  business cards to contacts 

Capturing business cards one by one on a card scanner APP or a business card scanner machine can be a laborious activity if you are left with heaps of business cards and when that keeps piling up with each trade fair/exhibition.

Bric APP's bulk scan service digitizes business cards scanned as PDF sheets / JPG images into accurate data.

You can scan biz cards ( multiple cards ) from a flatbed scanner and send them across as PDF files, we will crop, process and transcribe the data into individual records accurately.

These records are securely backed up and can be accessed on both PC & mobile APP. You can export business cards as Excel CSV, sync cards to salesforce, Outlook, Zoho, Hubspot as well as Google contacts. 

The bulk scan service can also be used to scan cards from different branches etc with a different account and a master database.

You can also scan incremental cards from the enterprise version of the APP

We have helped companies scan from 500 cards to 9000 cards through our service.

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