Thursday, 16 August 2018

Getting the best out of Trade Shows

A substantiate amount of marketing dollars are spent on trade fairs and it is imperative to make each trade fair count. Bric APP is used extensively in trade shows to get the best ROI from each event

Basic essentials of a trade fair

Branding :

Branding plays a very important role in attracting foot falls and top of mind recall. Ensure that you are equipped with all the marketing collaterals like kiosks, standees, pamphlets, etc

Attract, Engage & Connect :

Effective branding & scouts with pamphlets can attract foot falls to the kiosk and every one of them may be a potential customer. A crisp opening discussion, followed by an interest enquiry and lead capture of the prospect would be a good start.

Lead capture :

The popular and quickest way would be to collect business cards.Though there are lead capture forms and APPS to enter customer information manually, the visitors may not take time to fill all the details or provide the same for a manual capture.Hence, collecting business cards will be the quickest option.

Converting business card data :

Bric APP is an extremely useful tool to scan business cards to contacts. You can either use the mobile APP, to instantly capture cards that are collected or use the Bulk scan service if there are large volume of cards and scanning them one by one can be tedious task.

Follow up & communication :
Once the business cards are accurately converted, then a follow up email or a brochure would be the most appropriate thing to do.You can export the business cards to Outlook or as an Excel CSV from Bric  APP's web account and use the data points to send out the mailer.

All discussions, follow up points and other tags can also be captured against each card for future reference on the Bric APP account.

Happy Selling !

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