Thursday, 12 July 2018

Case study 1 : How Mercedes Benz optimised lead management through Bric APP

Mercedes Benz had a typical problem, they had multiple branches with each branch operating as a sales & service hub but had in-consistent new car sales though the walk - in traffic indicated otherwise..

They realised that though a business card is collected from almost every walk-in customer, the data never reaches the head office for driving engagement through marketing activities or sales tracking as they did not have a practise of scanning business cards. The branches that had an one off business card scanner were never used owing to the hassle of scanning and editing cards.Hence the lost opportunity. 

The marketing team got in touch with Bric APP's sales team which immediately chalked out a plan.They scanned business cards into PDF sheets which were accumulated for a life time and collated branch wise. They then used Bric APP's bulkscan service to scan business cards from the PDF sheets into customer data which were accessible on Bric APP's web dashboard.These cards were then synced to salesforce within seconds from the Web dashboard.

Incrementally all the front desk & sales personnel were equipped with Bric enterprise APP and started scanning every business card from a walk-in customer or prospect which immediately gets tagged to the respective branches and the head office.Every day the head office personnel can get real time updates on no of walk-ins / business cards scanned and the notes captured on them. And this data flows into Salesforce as well..

The sales team were also able to export business cards to Outlook and organize business cards in a much more efficient manner.

Mercedes Benz were so satisfied with the solution that they featured BricAPP in their annual newsletter.

Bric APP is not just being used as a business card scanner but also as a comprehensive business card management solution.

Check out Bric APP for clearing your business card clutter !

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